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What To Understand About Behavioral Health

Unlike physical maladies, behavioral health problems can be difficult to diagnose on your own. So if you are concerned about your child's mental and behavioral health you can turn to the same professional who cares for their physical wellbeing, their pediatrician. You can learn more about how behavioral problems are diagnosed and managed by reaching out to Dr. Anu Sheth, Dr. Christian Messick, and Dr. Anna Lawson of Pediatric Associates of Lawrenceville in Lawrenceville, GA.

Mental Health

Children can struggle in secret with a number of behavioral concerns and mental health disorders unless they get the help that they need. Problems can include depression, anxiety, mood disorders, phobias, and ADHD. The symptoms of many of these conditions can sometimes be dismissed as growing pains, but the inverse is also true. Sometimes it is simply growing pains, but even with these children may struggle and may need professional help.

Signs and Symptoms

So when should you be concerned? You should always talk to your child's pediatrician to discuss any potential problems, and regularly scheduled visits are a great time for this. They are best equipped to diagnose and treat these conditions, but these are some of the signs to look for.

You'll want to look out for significant changes in mood, either they are often in an extreme mood or their moods frequently change. Drastic changes in overall behavior are also a sign that something could be wrong.

Also if they are having difficulty in school, express constant fear or stress, which could manifest in a decline in their self-grooming, or loss of interest in things they once enjoyed. More extreme cases can see the child self-medicating with substances.

Behavioral Health

Your child's pediatrician can advise the best course of treatment, which can include counseling and therapy, and medication can be prescribed for some of the above-mentioned conditions. It is all done with the goal of having your child experience their healthiest life, as unmanaged conditions can lead to a decline in school and social relationships.

Take the first step in helping your child manage their behavioral health and schedule a consultation with Dr. Anu Sheth, Dr. Christian Messick, and Dr. Anna Lawson of Pediatric Associates of Lawrenceville in Lawrenceville, GA, by dialing (770) 277-6725.

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