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Behavioral Counseling

We're improving to serve you better! That's why we've added behavioral health to our expanding list of services offered in office at PAL. From individual and family counseling to anxiety, depression, mental health issues, & more, as you medical home, we're here to serve you.


At PAL, our goal is to improve the health & welfare of our patients physically & mentally. Mental health is treatable & affects all aspects of childhood, including academics, family relationships, & quality of life.


We've partnered with our trusted professionals at Phoenix Rising Counseling Services to offer behavioral health services right in our offices, where you're most familiar & comfortable.


We've partnered with Phoenix Rising through their passion & desire to assist individuals, families, & communities in times of need. They have on staff a Licensed Professional Counselor & a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to provide quality behavioral & mental health services to patients.

Individual Counseling

We strive to empower individuals to develop the skills & resources needed to overcome life's challenges. Some benefits include improved communication skills, improved self-esteem, ability to change self-defeating habits, better expression of emotions, anger management, relief from depression, & more.


Through Phoenix Rising, we are able to provide consultations, therapy services & assessment services to patients right in our offices, where you are most familiar. To request & schedule an appointment, please click here.

Family Counseling

Our goal through family counseling is to provide quality behavioral & mental health services to children & their families to promote safety, stability, & unity within their unique relationships. We provide unique assessments, insights, & training into parental fitness, domestic violence risks, substance abuse, & more.

About Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising Counseling Services, LLC (PRCS), PAL's behavioral health partner, was created out of a passion and a desire to assist individuals, families, and communities in their time of need. 

It is the mission of PRCS to provide quality behavioral and mental health services and to work alongside individuals and families to promote safety, stability, and unity within their family, social, and community systems.


They strive to empower individuals to develop the skills and resources needed to overcome life’s challenges through evidence-based interventions specific to their needs. PRCS works to meet each person where they are, to restore hope in their time of need, and to be a light in the darkness.


patrick wood pcrs.png


Patrick Wood

Patrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor and co-owner at Phoenix Rising Counseling Services. Patrick obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Auburn University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Prior to helping establish Phoenix Rising Counseling Services, Patrick worked at Project Adventure, Academy for Family Empowerment, and Viewpoint Health. Within these companies, Patrick has worked in community based and residential therapy and has experience in assessment, insurance authorization and liaising, organizational and clinical supervision, compliance monitoring, whole company efficiency monitoring, business development planning, and marketing.


Patrick managed and re-developed a program for juvenile sex offenders to be more in line with current clinical literature which resulted in increasing program participation by 75%.

aundretta wood pcrs.png


Aundretta Wood

Aundretta is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and co-owner at Phoenix Rising Counseling Services. Aundretta obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Barry University in Miami, FL..

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Aundretta has experience leading a team and providing oversight and coaching to team members, completing biopsychosocial assessments, progress charting and review, treatment and discharge planning, case management, community networking, and providing resource referrals.


Aundretta has provided individual, family, and group therapy in both residential and community-based settings and has provided crisis intervention and experiential therapy. Aundretta has experience as a member of interdisciplinary teams working collaboratively to ensure continuity of care by assessing individual needs, evaluating progress, and providing aftercare recommendations.

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