ADD & ADHD Testing

Almost all children have episodes of out of control behavior. For some children, these types of behaviors are more than an occasional problem. At PAL, we help diagnose & create effective treatment plans for children with ADD or ADHD.



At PAL, our goal is to be your patient centered medical home, where all your medical needs are centered under one roof. For children suffering from ADD or ADHD, we help diagnose & create effective treatment plans through the QbTest System. Now, we're offering at home QbTesting as well.

Begin the Process

We're here to guide you through the ADD/ADHD diagnosing & treatment process. See our guide below:

  1. Contact our office to schedule an initial consultation, either in person or via telemedicine virtual care. Request an appointment online here.

  2. After your initial consultation, if medically necessary, you will be provided with online access to the QbTesting portal.

  3. Your provider will follow up with you following testing to create any necessary treatment plans.

About the QbTest

QbTest is an FDA cleared, CE marked and widely used objective test that measures activity, attention and impulsivity.

It is a 15 or 20 minute long objective test that measures the three ADHD core symptoms; hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. A test taker's result is analyzed and compared to the result of individuals of the same age and gender, with and without ADHD. The comparison makes it possible for QbCheck, based on objective data, to predict the likelihood of ADHD and provide healthcare professionals with information that can aid in the evaluation and treatment of ADHD.

How is it preformed?

You would need a fairly new computer with a built-in camera or separate web-camera and an internet connection. The suitability of your computer and camera can be checked prior to a QbCheck as well as during the test set up. A QbCheck cannot be performed on a tablet or a phone.

A QbCheck can only be performed when using web browsers Google Chrome or Firefox. When using a different web browser, such as Internet Explorer, an error message will appear.

Choose a quiet room with a steady table and appropriate seating. For children 6-11 years old this would be a stool without armrests and backrest and for individuals from 12-60 years of age a chair with backrest but no armrests. The actual test is 15 minutes for children 6-11 years old and 20 minutes for persons aged 12-60.


To begin the process of ADD & ADHD Screening,  you must first schedule an appointment with a provider, either in person or via telemedicine if medically appropriate. Use the following form to request an appointment.

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