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Common Behavioral Issues in Children

Pediatric Associates of Lawrenceville are here for you if you're concerned about your child's behavior. The behavior of your child is likely to change all the time and can sometimes be a mystery! Most children have unusual behavior at some point, so how do you know when you should be concerned? The pediatricians of PAL in Lawrenceville, GA, can help determine if your child's behavior is disordered.

Common problems

Parents spend so much time worrying about their child's physical health, but their behavioral health is just as important to their growth and development. Behavioral health encompasses mental and emotional health. Behavioral issues affect everything in your child's life from relationships to schoolwork. The earlier problems are diagnosed, the better chance your child receives effective treatment. Many children with behavioral health issues are diagnosed with one of these:

  • ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders (including bipolar disorder)
  • Intense phobias (like fear of the dark)

Symptoms of these issues can be apparent as early as toddler age. You must see a doctor as soon as your child's symptoms cause you concern. Our pediatricians are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of common behavioral issues. Come see us in Lawrenceville, GA, if you have concerns about your child's behavior.


If your child is diagnosed with behavioral or mental health issues, there are a variety of treatments available. With your support and the right pediatrician, your child can still have healthy growth and development.

Treatment for behavioral issues usually starts with therapy or counseling. Family therapy may be recommended for very young children. Medication can help patients cope with some symptoms, but should never be the main treatment for a behavioral issue.

If you are concerned about your child's behavior, the Pediatric Associates of Lawrenceville can help with diagnosis and treatment. Contact us for an appointment in Lawrenceville, GA at (770) 277-6725.

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